The Wig Bank has been moved to Desiree Salon with Georgie. 4401 Oberlin Ave. Lorain ,Ohio 440-213-3088. Pat is still doing the Look Good Feel Better Program at Mercy and Cleveland Clinic.

In December 2002, Pat and Georgie attended training for the Look Good. . . Feel Better® program. Look Good. . . Feel Better® is a combined effort of the CTFA Foundation (Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association Foundation), the American Cancer Society and the National Cosmetology Association. The program is designed to help women cancer patients improve their appearance and self-image by teaching them hands-on beauty techniques to overcome the appearance-related side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Look Good. . . Feel Better® is: Non-medical – It does not interfere with patient’s medical treatment. Product Neutral – It does not endorse particular brands, products, salons or services. During sessions, cancer patients will learn how to deal with the more common physical changes associated with cancer treatment. These include hair loss, weight gain or loss or facial puffiness, changes in skin pigmentation, color and texture, scars, alterations in nail texture, appearance

and growth rate and dental complications. A patient session, given at the Cancer Society facilities, includes a demonstration of skin care and makeup use, instruction in the use of wigs, hats, turbans and scarves abeauand a discussion of nail care. Each participant will receive a cosmetic kit with products donated by numerous cosmetic companies. The kit will be used in the 12-step makeover. There will be ample time for questions. A Beau Monde Salon has a wig bank for the American Cancer Society in Lorain County. If you are in need of a wig due to cancer, you may stop in or call for a private consultation. The session and wigs are free, along with a selection of accessories. Wigs can be fit and cut for personalization. All wigs come in various sizes, lengths, and colors. For further information call the American Cancer Society or 1-800-395-LOOK, or contact Pat or Georgie at A Beau Monde Salon, 440-988-5603 for assistance. Also check out www.cancer.org for more information!