Laser Hair Therapy for Men

Hair loss affects men in different ways. But there is one constant: everyone hates losing their hair. As a man, (fair or not), you’re judged by your appearance. Studies have shown that men with a full head of hair are deemed to be more virile, likeable and successful.

Most men with hair loss, whether they want to admit it or not, are extremely unhappy with their situation. Many would do just about anything to change their situation. Hair loss can affect your life in many ways from interpersonal relationships to your career path choices.

Hair loss can be very stressful for men. It can cause you to feel less attractive, less adequate, and not quite as sure of yourself. You probably find it very frustrating, particularly if you’ve tried combating your hair loss and failed. For those that have tried drugs, or other methods (which many men have) and failed, this failure to stop your hair loss is even more frustrating and stressful. We know what you’re going through. We’ve suffered through it ourselves and know how you feel.

Laser Hair Therapy for Women

Hair loss for a woman has a much greater psychological impact than on men. As a woman you are highly sensitive to the social expectations about your hair. Society says women are supposed to have thick luxurious hair. Unlike male hair loss, female hair loss is not regarded as “normal”.

For women, hair loss is much more devastating than men. Most men really don’t like their hair loss, but at least can find celebrity role models the likes of Sean Connery, Bruce Willis, and Michael Jordan. There are no celebrity female role models with thinning hair.

“It’s definitely devastating. Studies have shown women who have hair loss have problems with interpersonal relationships, they have loss of self-esteem, and it really can have a tremendous psychosocial type of impact. They tend to be more introverted …”


We know what you’re going through.We’ve suffered through it ourselves and know how you feel.It seems like every day we hear one of our clients say:

“I was just so depressed about my hair.””I can’t tell you how much I’ve spent on hair products that just don’t work.””I spent a lot of time crying about my hair loss. People just didn’t understand.””It took forever to do my hair in the morning and still never looked good.””My Dad made a comment about my hair loss 11 years ago. It still bothers me.””It made me look and feel older than my age.””I was constantly depressed about my hair and had retreated into myself.””I found myself looking at others wishing my hair was thick again.””When people looked at me, I’d always wonder if they were staring at my hair.””I cancelled a lot of plans because of hair issues.””My poor husband – I put him through so much grief because of my hair loss.””It was so frustrating. My hair loss was all I could think about 24/7.””I would freeze up when someone mentioned something about my hair.””My hair loss had taken over my life.

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The Digital Imaging System

Our digital imaging system is the professional, more advanced system of enlargement for observation of the skin. This system magnifies the surface of the skin up to 200x. This degree of enlargement shows details that are invisible to the naked eye. This system will automatically diagnose the skin problem, recommend treatment, and monitor the client’s laser treatment progress.





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